The Dangers of Jogging

I got this idea during a jog one drizzly Sunday morning. My husband (we’ll call him ‘B’ here) could see the stress overwhelming me and encouraged me to escape the craziness caused by our two preschool-aged daughters.

BTW, I call it a ‘jog’ because I am not one of those runner women. No half marathons, no ripped abs, no energy drinks for me. I just feel a little skinnier after 10 minutes of sweating.

That Sunday, it only took 10 minutes because an idea hit me: Here I am, balancing everything a woman in her 30s-40s is supposed to want to balance, and perhaps my thoughts, ideas, and coping strategies would be motivating to others.

So, here I am. The Danger of Jogging is that I made the decision to add something to my already filled plate.

I hope to address all of the aspects of my life that -in combination- make me so happy and feeling fulfilled and energetic everyday including:

  • appreciating every possible moment with my young daughters
  • enjoying a partnership, friendship and romance with my husband
  • making a quarter of a million dollars a year working from home, on my own schedule
  • serving as board chair of a non profit organization that fills my intellectual and political passions
  • supportive and unconditional friendships and an active social life
  • frivolity, including shopping and time for my favorite guilty pleasure TV shows and movies
  • maintaining a healthy lifestyle emphasizing local organic produce and exercise
  • cooking for my family at least 3-4 times a week (from scratch! Trader Joe’s does not count!)
  • indulging in my knitting habit and lust for reading

So, what does all of this promise for our future together?

Recipes, book reviews, accounts of frustrated mommy moments, how to manage everything with a sense of humor and without getting frazzled, how you can contribute financially to your family while taking care of everyone’s every need AND taking care of yourself…..

So, I’ve titled this blog Mom with Money, and the point of starting it is to help you


And it’s copyrighted so don’t even try to steal it….


4 responses to “The Dangers of Jogging

  1. Does this mean you’ll indulge, once again, in American Idol this January?

  2. $250,000? I wanna be a mom with money too! This attorney thing is over-rated. First step… Marriage!

  3. Love your blog! Well $250k was me back in the corporate world that I chose not to return to…hoping to get it back from My Inspiration Lounge! You go girl! Great inspiration going on here đŸ™‚


  4. Great blog post! Looking forward to hearing all that you have to say. I am a mompreneur as well, and have been for the last four years. I have had some very successful years, but none as successful as yours in terms of income. Debating on going back to work full time; perhaps your insight will end up encouraging me to stay at home working for myself.:-) I certainly love the flexibility. Balancing everyone else’s needs with your own…that is my daily challenge. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to future posts!

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