Another Stay At Home Mom Makes Money

Instead of asking me how I do everything – work from home, make more than half my household income, and still take my daughters to every playdate and birthday party – my friends simply remark, “Wow. I wish I could make $60,000 in a month!” Then they never think of it again.

I want them to think of it again! There is room in this world for all smart, dynamic mothers to create something for themselves. There are so many great reasons to think outside the box: for financial security, to serve as a role model for their children, to impress the hell out of their spouses (who will feel much relieved to not have every financial pressure dependent upon them) and just for plain old self-esteem and putting brainpower (and expensive educations) to good use.

So, today my new twitter friend SmallBizBee introduced me (through his website) to Jessica Singer of MamaBargains. What an interesting and manageable (and potentially hugely profitable) stay-at-home mom business concept! Check it out and be inspired.


One response to “Another Stay At Home Mom Makes Money

  1. I am so inspired by your story.

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