The Odds on Halloween

So, will today go well or will the excitement of Halloween quicky turn into overwrought expectations and exhaustion?

Yep, you guessed it. I have a four-and-a-half year old. Odds against a good Halloween.

This year, at least, she wanted to be an Olympic gymnast. Which is great because it meant I didn’t have to search the internet for some ridiculously expensive costume that she would only refuse to wear the day it arrives. So, before Halloween even arrived, we have a plus point on the side of a good Halloween.

Haley woke up at 4:45 a.m. Which means that her 2-year-old roommate was also up at 4:45 a.m. The roommate will nap later. Haley will not. There’s a big minus.

Then, this morning, I finally read the pre-school bulletin that was e-mailed to me. Turns out they want each kid to dress as an animal. Whoops. Could be a big minus to convince Haley to get out of her leotard. But, (a minus here, but also a plus in the end…) she had a little poop type accident in her panties and quickly lost interest in the leotard. So, we started thinking of readily available animal costumes as we sat in front of a toy chest of dress up clothes.

We had a cow ear headband and a kitty ear headband. Both involved Haley wearing black. So, my brilliant girl decided to be a butterfly! When the butterfly wings  we had were too small, she decided she could be a green butterfly and put on some Tinkerbell wings. YAY. Plus! Plus! Plus!

She is still wearing the gold medal, but it goes nicely with the pipecleaner antennas I put together and wrapped around one of the pink headbands she usually refuses to wear.

As I finish typing this post, it occurs to me it would be cute to add a photo of my butterfly.

I exit my office, turn right, and there’s my kid – still in her butterfly Old Navy shirt, with her matching skirt (PLUS! The skirt matches!) and no headband and no wings, thumb in her mouth. On the couch, blankie in hand, thumb in mouth. Asleep.


3 responses to “The Odds on Halloween

  1. Cover her tightly. She’ll make a great cocoon.

  2. Ha! I love it… she dreams style in her sleep, i just know it!

  3. You must enjoy Halloween while they are tiny – before too long they are “to grown up” to dress up, “too old” to ask for candy (yay!!!), and instead, try to sneak Red Bull into the shopping cart at Vons for the very first time….great blog, reminds me of when my lot were teeny….x

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