Turkey Shopping

I’m in the mood for a local, organic turkey for Thanksgiving. I’ve made big efforts this year to switch from grocery store fare to local organic produce. I haven’t gone gung-ho on the proteins in this regard, but since I’ve been so influenced by Barbara Kingsolver’s adventures in turkey breeding (reading Animal Vegetable Miracle changed the way I feed my family) I think it’s time to change how we do Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday (and remains so even though I married my first husband on Thanksgiving – but that’s a whole different story). My husband – who will be referred to as “B” from here on out – makes Thanksgiving. He really makes the entire dinner! He spends days planning the menu, and he and his dad grocery shop and then B takes two days off from work to cook. And he makes like 22 dishes and we have as many people over – sometimes more depending on how many of my cousins decide to vacation in Santa Barbara that weekend.

But, B likes Thanksgiving the way he likes it. He has put up with my weekly deliveries of organic local produce and my strict recycling habits. Will he go for the Organic, Free Range, Pastured, Grass Fed, Cage Free, Heritage Turkey currently living only 122 miles from our home? If so, Local Harvest is ready to sell it to me.

I’ll let you know how this conversation goes over the wonderful fajita dinner my mother in law brought over since I’m so overworked that I shouldn’t have time to start this blog….


One response to “Turkey Shopping

  1. How can you be certain the turkey doesn’t come from the other coast? It can’t talk.

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