How a Mompreneur Spends a Saturday

This is my tax season. I’m a law school admission consultant, so if I’m not busy on November 1st I should just close up shop. So, it’s November 1st, a Saturday, and I’m home working.  At least it’s rainy. That helps.

B (husband extraordinaire) took the girls to visit their great-grandparents. He does this to do a nice thing – guilt free work for me, and also not having to spend an afternoon cooped up in uncomfortable quarters (don’t get me wrong, I love his grandparents, but I get my bonus points by calling them weekly for about 45 minutes a pop, right?). Besides, B will have to do his end-of-the-month lawyerly billing tomorrow so it’s his time to enjoy the girls.

And, I have 98 e-mails to answer in the meantime:

78 of those are from clients who need something reviewed ASAP.

2 are from Neiman Marcus, enticing me to the 40% off sale that is ending in a few hours. (Alas, I already indulged on Thursday and am guiltily awaiting my shipment of a cashmere juicy sweatsuit and a gorgeous blue Vince Admiral coat... hopefully it won’t all fit and my personal assistant -or one of my personal assistants, I should say now that I’ve hired a second friend to help me with my computer issues- will return it for me….then it will be truly guilt-free because for some silly reason I haven’t told B about it….. he was so nice this week, telling me not to shop online but to actually go and enjoy the experience of shopping and then find something really nice)…

The rest of the e-mails are from friends congratulating me on the new blog, so that’s cool. Thanks, Friends! (This is what my daughter’s preschool teacher, Katie, would say… she addresses all the kids as “Friends” and it’s pretty sickeningly cute and effective).

Since starting this post, I’ve answered two client calls. So I guess they’d actually like me to review their applications now (the audacity! they pay me and then actually expect me to do work!).

For those of you who are curious about how a Mompreneur spends a Saturday afternoon, I will cram through as much work as possible from noon -2:30 or so, then grocery shop (you know it’s bad when the au pair is buying her own butter and eggs!) and I promised Brent I’d work out (must stay 117 pounds FOREVER). I hope to go for a jog in the rain. The gym will be too crowded (or so I assume – I haven’t actually been there since JULY!!!! and yes, I’m still paying the monthly fee just in case running in the rain loses its appeal).

That’ll get me to 4:30 or so, when I’ll start missing my beautiful girls like crazy. They will come home and be grouchy and demanding (especially since I’ve cruelly taken away my almost-2-year-old’s pacifier) and I’ll be itching for date night to begin.

Tonight’s babysitter is Hannah. Brent asks if that’s the tatooed one. Yes. He says, “Oh, I like her. She’s a nice girl.” He says that because her tatoos are all of flowers. I like her because she knits.

And date night? I have no idea. Anywhere I can wear my jeans would feel right. There’s a local brewery we like. Generally, though, our fall back date night place is the cheap sushi joint we’ve been going for years where sharing a large Kirin and some sushi gets us out of there for under $35. And then it’s either to Baskin Robbins or Coffee Bean.

So, now, instead of dreaming my day through I am going to live it. Have a wonderful Saturday, wherever yours takes you.


2 responses to “How a Mompreneur Spends a Saturday

  1. I just realized my unintentional pun with “Fall Back Date Night” – it’s actually “Fall Back” on the clock tonight. Don’t forget! Hate for anyone to show up an hour early to tomorrow’s birthday parties.

  2. if you decide the clothes fit, but then for some reason get tired of them 😉 you know I can think of an option 😉 It’s nice to have a big sister who is a “mompreneur!” great blog!

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