If Money Didn’t Matter

B and I talk about moving to places where the median home price is not a million dollars (in a depressed market). We try to put a monetary value on our quality of life, on having his parents nearby, on being part of this community, and we just decide it’s worth living here even if we’re making a financial sacrifice.

And, as it’s 10:56 p.m. and I’m still working while everyone else in my family sleeps (including the au pair) and the election news is playing in the background, I have to wonder how much money would it be worth to work less?

My friend from high school (and yes, I confess, I had a HUGE crush on him… it was ridiculous) put up a great blog post today on this topic as he considered how much money he would have to make to be willing to work more. He came to the conclusion that it’s not so much the money that makes the time worthwhile as the project that makes the time worthwhile.

Like Shane, I’m pretty lucky. I love what I do, and most days of the year I work about 4 or 5 hours a day. It’s just the 2 months a year when I work around the clock that I start to wonder what the money is worth… B reminds me though, that every November I say I’ve never had so much work, never been so far behind, never missed working out so much, never been so tired, never showered less…. and then in January I’m my happy self again.

So, the real insight you’ve gained in my exhaustion-laden post is that you don’t want to be near me right now… I think I’ll go shower…..


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