Changing Poopy Panties in Prada

Here we are, thinking we’re so important and have our acts together, dressed up for a nonprofit board meeting and ready to conquer the day, and then a four year old needs new panties six times in two hours and draws all over her body with a marker.

Ok, the “we” is really “me.” But it definitely puts things in perspective. No matter what we do in our work lives, parents are caretakers. That’s all there is to it.

On Valentine’s Day weekend, Husband Extraordinaire and I had a getaway to Los Angeles (yes, to see Barry Manilow, but that’s not the point). On the way back, we found a cute place in Malibu for breakfast but I was in a sour mood because we were seated next to a family with a toddler – the last thing I wanted to see during our remaining hours of freedom was a toddler.

But the father’s voice was unmistakeable. It was Adam Sandler.

Adam Sandler was distracting a 20 month-old with sugar packets and chasing a kid around the restaurant so his wife could get a few bites of breakfast while it was still hot. They were dressed in sweats and Uggs and baseball caps and looked like the rest of us – exhausted parents. It was all I needed to turn my mood around!

It made us feel  GREAT to know that a box office star is probably also changing poopy panties before heading off to work. You could say we felt good because misery loves company, but really I think we felt good knowing that our efforts as parents are worthwhile and even Adam Sandler knows our efforts as parents are worthwhile or he would hire someone else to parent for him. Plus, it’s a universal experience – all parents can relate to all other parents. Parenting brings the world together.

Ok, now that my point is made, I have a confession. I don’t actually own anything Prada. But I was actually wearing -for the first time – the amazing brown suede Armani jacket I found at a resale/consignment shop. It’s just that “Prada” sounds so much better with “Poopy Panties,” don’t you think?


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