How I Got Lucky

It’s Sunday night and I’m working after a really relaxing weekend enjoying family and friends.

The girls are playing with the au pair; they are bathed and happy.

And my husband is cooking dinner.

As I was reading a law school personal statement, it occurred to me how lucky I am that Brent cooks. And I don’t mean he boils pasta. I mean the man COOKs (see my Thanksgiving Turkey post).

I usually take for granted that Brent knows his way around the kitchen much more than I do, and while I do cook our weeknight dinners, it struck me that most husbands wouldn’t be able to throw dinner together.

So, I’m admitting that I’m very, very lucky. But even the cooking thing is only part of it.  I have to credit Brent’s willingness to cook, to pick up dinner, to clean the kitchen, to watch the girls, with my professional success. Certainly, without his help with these daily life tasks (and so much more) I would not be able to work like I work or earn the money that I make.

And, when I am feeling completely overwhelmed and overworked, it’s always B who reminds me that this is temporary, that I always get through my busy season, and that it’s worth it. And that is why I’m really lucky.

So the MomwithMoney tip for the day on how to Make More, Be More, and Do More:

Support your partner and appreciate all he (or she) does to support you, whether or not you earn an income. It’s not a contest of who does more. It’s a team and everyone shares the same goal of doing what’s best for the family.


2 responses to “How I Got Lucky

  1. And I just found a really funny post written by a professional woman whose husband is also an amazing cook:

  2. thedomesticfringe

    Good advice.

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