Today’s Tip: Celebrate Success

We work hard at everything we do – parenting, growing our businesses, serving our clients, managing our households.

Therefore, the Mom With Money Tip for the Day on How to Make More, Be More and Do More is:

Take time to celebrate success.

If the preschool teacher says Haley was nice to the new girl in class, I push back my afternoon and take her to IHOP for pancakes in the middle of the day (I swear I offered her ice cream and she picked pancakes!).

We work so hard every day that it’s easy to overlook the accomplishments and worry just about where we need to be next. Where’s the fun in that? If we don’t take time to enjoy the life we’ve created, it’s no life at all.

Yesterday, we were celebrating my success. In the fifth year of my business, I hit a few big milestones in terms of income and yesterday was a REALLY big milestone. (The internet usage of the term “six-figure mom” seems incredibly underwhelming at this point in my career….. must think of a better term… “quarter of a mil mom?”).

So, we had dinner with friends at Craft. But not just any dinner. It was a dinner we were passionate about attending – the Farm Makers Dinner. In the private dining room, at oval tables of 8, we enjoyed 8 courses (each one by itself would be made for a memorable meal) and 8 wine pairings. And we did this right alongside the farmer who grew all of the produce. We talked to the chef, who gave us a tour of the kitchen, and it was truly a celebration.

I’m really into the idea of eating local, organic produce. The irony here was that we drove from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles, only to enjoy produce grown right here in Santa Barbara (and a Santa Barbara wine was among those served). It was a four hour dinner we will never forget. Of course, we got home at 1 a.m., only to be woken at 5 a.m. by the kids (an event we were not celebrating) but it felt so special to take time on a weeknight and enjoy each other, good friends, and a passion that we share.

Even though I have work to do today to make up for taking yesterday off, I know I will get through it. And today I am motivated by remembering why I work so hard in the first place.


One response to “Today’s Tip: Celebrate Success

  1. oh man, that meal sounds AMAZING….CONGRATS ON YOUR FIVE YEARS- so awesome…and I bet B LOVED dinner!!!!!!

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