Keep Your Friends Close: A Plug For Facebook

I have moved around a lot in my life. Among the places I’ve counted as “home” are: Syracuse, NY; Huntsville, AL; Miami, FL; Denver, CO; Houston, TX and Davis, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara, CA.  In each of these places, I’ve collected friends. Some of whome I’ve kept up with through the years, and some of whom I am only now rediscovering.

I started using facebook as a means to reach my clients, most of whom are in college or recent college graduates. It was a great way for people to know when I was available, what I was doing, when I posted a new blog tip, etc.

The benefit to me was that I could see pictures of my clients (most of whom I will never meet face-to-face) and learn more about their passions and experiences -and offer advice about which photos and quotes to remove immediately if they want to be taken seriously by law schools.

Then, I started finding real friends – people I have met face-to-face, many of whom I haven’t seen in many years. And I learned some amazing things:

People I was simply curious about, like high school crushes, are now doing really interesting things. They are real estate moguls and businesss people and blogging experts.  I had lunch with an old high school crush and his wife recently – reunited through Facebook – and really enjoyed getting to know them on a new, adult level and learning that these were people I could be friends with today.

Another old crush has this amazing resource on blogging that I could sit and read all day if I had the time. (Instead, I’ll do something pathetic like pay someone to read it for me and implement his ideas…. but still it’s worthwhile).

And there are non-crush related worthwhile people on FB too… (sorry to include you in this category Don, you were just too hot for me anyway….) and now we join each other’s networking communities and post on each others’ blogs and support each other in our business endeavors.

I have local friends on FB too, which some might say is pathetic but it helps me to get immediate updates on what’s going on in my friends’ lives. This time of the year, I just don’t have time for phone conversations with all of my fanatastic friends, but I don’t want to disappear every fall either. This way I know what everyone is doing, who is suffering with those lovely and contagious preschool illnesses, how pregnancies are going, who has a vacation coming up, who needs to be cheered up, and who needs to be congratulated.

Facebook is one of those tools that does let me Make More, Be More and Do More.

Make More: Many of my clients are people who found me through our mutual facebook friends. I also get many readers to my blogs from my facebook announcements.

Be More: I learn through each of my FB friends. I explore their interests through their photos and posts, I get inspired by their political involvements and career choices, and I get to know them outside the context of our initial relationship and become more invested in each friend as an individual. I implement the advice I get from my Facebook friends when I pose questions and engage with them. I also meet new people through mompreneur networks and groups – and these individuals are already helping me to build and streamline my business and personal life.

Do More: It’s fast! Because I can check in with so many people in one place, I can be so much more productive during my day. I have experts on pretty much every topic who are easily reachable – doctors, lawyers, writers, SEO experts, marketing consultants, writers, students, etc.

So, the Mom with Money Tip for the Day on how to Make More, Be More and Do More is:

Use Facebook. Look me up!


3 responses to “Keep Your Friends Close: A Plug For Facebook

  1. Ann – This is an excellent communication on the utility of FaceBook. Very well done!

  2. oooh i agree for me it was a good wedding planning vehicle bc i got to see others’ pictures, cakes, dresses, etc, and of course serves as a way to celebrate with mere acquaintances!

  3. YAY, Mrs. Durbin – you were my 1000th hit!!! Thank you!!!!

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