What Does “Success” Really Mean?

Or, in other words, how to be a mom who also has a day job…..

Yesterday from 6 – 8 a.m. this was my life:

Haley (while on potty): Mommy, do boys go poopoo too?

Me: Yes, of course. All people and animals go Poopoo.

Haley: But they only have the thing that sticks out.

Me: They also have a hole, honey. It’s just harder to see.

And I felt successful when she took that answer at face value and the conversation ended.

Two hours later, I felt successful when I caught up on all of my e-mails before leaving for my non-profit conference.

An hour after that, I felt successful when I had a really insightful conversation with a new friend over lunch and had the opportunity to speak to someone honestly about the challenges of cultivating true friendships when you’re a mom who doesn’t have time for every playdate and trunk show and fundraising event.

Two hours later, I felt successful when my girls saw me leave the house with a suitcase and did not have to be pried from my leg in tears about my leaving.

Two hours after that, I successfully arrived at the Beverly Hilton, registered for my conference, settled in, and connected with talented and passionate and committed people who share my interests in civil rights and justice. Plus, I met someone who went to high school with my husband who gave me a great prom date story that I can use to torture him. Ahhh!!! (Good thing Hubby Extraordinaire doesn’t read the blog…)

And, three hours later, I felt successful when I finally fell asleep. Success can also be a good night’s sleep in a new place when your mind is crowded with ideas.

Today is a new day and I already feel successful because I have been working for two hours, won’t be stressed about answering emails while I’m listening to the Mayor of Los Angeles, and can concentrate on the opportunities in front of me for the next 12 hours.

What will “Success” mean for you today?


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