Bad Dreams, then Worse Reality

Last night I had two dreams, equally disturbing.

In the first, I was headed back to work at the law firm that fired me in 2004, when my daughter was 4 months old. They were happy to see me, and my boss apologized for being such a jerk and firing me for “mommy tracking” my career.

In the second dream, I left my 2 yo daughter at home alone while I went grocery shopping. And left dinner cooking on the stove.

I woke up at 5:30 to the 2 yo’s soaked-through pjs, battling a raging headache, cured by 2 Ibuprofen and a cup of coffee, before learning the disarming news that a friend lost her husband last night, leaving their three teenagers without their father.

This friend is truly a Mom who knows how to Make More, Be More and Do More – she makes the most of every minute, has a fulfilling career, is active in the community, spiritual and identifying strongly with her community, a loving mother, the kind of friend who leaves work when the unveiling of your plastic surgery results leaves you panicked and depressed, and now -suddenly- she is no longer a wife. My heart goes out to her and to the kids.

I hope my posts the rest of the week are a bit more cheery…. Would love your comments on creative ways to show this family that they are loved.


One response to “Bad Dreams, then Worse Reality

  1. I keep wondering about bringing her Starbucks. Last time I saw David was at Starbucks. And of course she and I never need to arrange a date for coffee, we do accidentally twice a week naturally.

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