If I Had a Million Dollars

In college, I loved the song: “If I had a million dollars I’d buy you a ……. If I had a million dollars, I’d be rich!”

Today I found this great post at WIFE.org asking women “What would you do if you won a million dollars.

It got me thinking – what would I do?

1. I’d pay off my mortgage. (I’m ashamed to say it would take most of the million to do so!)

2. Give some to our local food bank because it kills me that kids in my own city don’t have food at home and therefore can’t pay attention in school – it’s a vicious cycle.

3. Give some to a local group that trains women to go into business for themselves and be their own financial lifeline, Womens Economic Ventures.

What would you do with a million dollars?


2 responses to “If I Had a Million Dollars

  1. The scary thing is that it really wouldn’t change my life that much. Pay off the mortgage and a few trips. Oh, I’d buy my mother one HELL of a cruise too….and my sister…..maybe.


  2. I think that the money would be gone too quick to really make an impact like I had money. It would pay off my debts and that’s probably it. I may not even have anything left over to actually buy a house or new car or anything.

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