5 Things Every Mom Must Do This Week

I’m picking 5 key areas of  a balanced life and giving you 5 reasonable goals to achieve This Week to “Make More, Be More, and Do More.”

1. Finances

Find out your log-in and account info for every bank account you and your husband have.

2. Health

Get flu shots for you and your kids if you haven’t already. If you have, do 15 push ups every day this week.

3. Environment

Refrain from buying bottled water for one week.

4. Relaxation

Spend 5 minutes being silly with your kids each day. And spend another 5 minutes each day being silly with your husband.

5. Friendship

Reach out to one friend each day this week whom you haven’t talked to meaningfully in several months. Schedule a coffee date, or a time to go for a walk (and don’t change the appointment for any reason). If the friend is far away, pick up the phone to say Happy Thanksgiving, or just send a thoughtful email.


6 responses to “5 Things Every Mom Must Do This Week

  1. By the way- I’ll be touching base next Monday and letting you know how I did on these very same goals. Please let me know which ones you are trying to incorporate into your week, and what (if any) difference it made.

  2. nurseintheworld

    Okay. These are really sweet. I love the one about being silly with your husband. I did reach out to a friend today, interestingly. 🙂

  3. I try daily to reach out to friends I haven’t connected with in a while.

    We got flu shots at Cottage last week.

    Two out of 10 done 🙂

  4. oooh i like these they are very good! actually this is the first week I am trying to “not always eat the worst thing possible at every given opportunity and instead sometimes make a healthy choice” which as worked for me so far for 3 whole days! last night i had a clementine instead of candy and today i had a granola bar instead of a hershey’s bar and I feel good so anyway my point is, accessible goals are good!

  5. #1 and #3 I have nailed. I need to do more of #4 with hubby 🙂

  6. Who wants to know how I did?
    One week later:
    1. Because I’m the person in charge of this stuff, I shared the passwords with my husband. (Equal opportunity financial independence!)
    2. My girls and I got flu shots.
    3. No bottled water purchased, unless sparkling water counts.
    4. Made a point to be silly – did it, and it felt good!
    5. Am trying to get my long-lost friends to commit to coffee dates and walks.

    How did you all do?

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