Children’s Gifts Worth Giving

As a mom who wants to Make More, Be More, and Do More, why not give some gifts this holiday season that reflect values that are truly important to you?

Here are two of my favorite ideas:

1.Free To Be You and Me – Originally released in the 1970s, this marvelous book (and accompanying movie and CD) was probably the biggest influence on my childhood. It taught me that mommies could be doctors, it was ok for boys to play with dolls, and that girls could run just as fast as boys. For anyone who hopes children will grow up in an egalitarian world where they are treated with respect and love and as having unlimited potential, Free to Be is just as relevant today as it was when I was growing up. My girls now own the book (which I hope they will treasure their entire lives), and they love the DVD (featuring Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Alan Alda, Marlo Thomas, and others). The new version of the book has updated illustrations, and is my absolute favorite birthday/holiday gift for little girls. At $14 for the book, $12 for the DVD, and only $6 for the CD – each (or a set of all 3) makes the gift memorable, meaningful, and affordable.

2. Piggy Banks and Books that teach kids to save money. This is a company owned by a mompreneur who stresses the importance of building a solid financial future (and sensibility) in children from an early age.

I’d love to hear any other ideas and suggestions also, so feel free to comment.


One response to “Children’s Gifts Worth Giving

  1. Really Rosie is also awesome and you’ll have a nice nostalgic moment.

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