My Ten Goals For December

This is a busy month for everyone – gift shopping, holiday parties, financial pressures, lots of tempting foods, holiday cards to send…the list seems endless.

Here are my December goals:

1.  Send holiday cards to my clients. I already ordered them, and they already arrived. Now I just need help addressing and sending them and writing personal notes. Same goes for the family holiday cards. It’s not so daunting for me to spend an hour or two writing notes, then asking my personal assistant to help me address them. That way I can spend my time working, exercising, or with my family.

2. Celebrate my daughter’s 2nd birthday without going crazy. I’m having 8 moms and kids over on a Tuesday morning for snacks and an art-oriented playdate. I already ordered the favors (Dora and Diego books) and sent out the invitations. Now all I need to do is make cupcakes and ask friends who are headed to Michaels anyway to look for fun art supplies. Plus, our au pair usually has good ideas about this stuff.

3. Not buy any clothes. Or accessories. Nothing for myself. I had a lot of fun at the Saks presale and absolutely love what I bought. Can I go an entire month without shopping? (Those of you who know me, don’t laugh! I have probably set this goal every month for the past 18 months – ever since I started fitting in my clothes after having Baby #2). And no exemptions for new running shoes (even though my ankles hurt). Can I do it? I feel like I need my readers to keep me honest on this one since last month I bought the juicy cashmere track suit, the chanel sunglasses, 3 pairs of shoes (already written about here), a Missoni top, Alice and Olivia top, and BCBG dress this month. Oh, and a Botkier handbag. But I swear, it really was all 85% off at the pre sale and I got an additional 10% off by opening a Saks card. (Which, by the way, I will pay off the second the bill arrives- Financial stability rule #1- don’t put anything on credit card you don’t have the cash to pay for immediately).

3. Find a few times a week to work out, even if just for 20 minutes or a home video if it’s too rainy to get outside.

4. Remain motivated with work, even though the law school admission cycle will be slowing down over the next 4-6 weeks.

5. Make time to spend with my friends – book clubs, holiday parties, etc.

6. Enjoy my parents and brother when they visit without worrying about the interruptions in my regular schedule and work life.

7. Find time each week to visit my friend who is finding her way back into life after losing her husband.

8. Get away for 2 nights with my husband and not delve into paranoia that something terrible will happen and I’ll never forgive myself for leaving the girls. (I go through this every time we leave them over night to do something fun – this time it’ll be a trip to San Francisco).

9. When I’m learning to make tamales and baking Christmas cookies with my two best friends, I will enjoy being part of their family’s traditions without being stressed about the fact that I really should be working.

10.  For every Hannukah present I bought the girls, I will spend time exploring it with them. I will read every book after they open it, dive into the art projects with them, tear open the games and teach them how to play, and invest my time in their joy. I will try very hard not to say, “I’ll be right there.” Instead, I will just be there.


4 responses to “My Ten Goals For December

  1. I am a big believer in setting long and short terms goals so thanks for sharing yours; they are motivating to all of us! Happy Birthday to your 2 year old. I have a little one turning two as well – on 12/7. Can’t believe that he has reached this milestone.

  2. i have a 2 new loves that goes with goal #3:
    1. 10 minute solution DVDs- they each have 5-6 great 10 minute toning and cardio sessions- you feel really good in just ten minutes! I’m trying to do at least one per day
    2. jackie warner’s one-on-one workout- it has intense 20 minute toning sessions that you can do alone, or combine with other sessions

  3. My friend Julie pointed out to me tonight that I have two #3 goals…. Typical. I’m always the overachiever! So, I guess I have 11 goals in December!

  4. How did I do on my 11 Goals for December?
    1. Holiday cards. Check.
    2. Great B-day party. Did not go crazy.
    3. Spent $8o on 2 shirts at designer outlet, but friend’s husband said I just “had” to see this place in SF. But that’s all. Really. Even post-Christmas. It’s a record~!!!!!
    3. Did pretty well with the outdoor workouts. Can always do better.
    4. It’s 11:17 p.m. and I’m still working. So that’s fairly motivated, right?
    5. Check.
    6. Parents Check. Brother canceled his visit.
    7. Will see said friend on Jan. 2nd. She hasn’t really been up for weekly visits.
    8. Had a wonderful time in SF!
    9. Yes on cookies, no on tamales (I was in SF!)
    10.Played a lot of Twister, Connect 4 and Legos, read books and helped with rubber stamps. yep – did a pretty good job at this!
    And, I confess, knowing I had to report back to all of you made me accountable. So, next time you have a goal, tell a friend!

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