I Waaaaant a New Phone (whine, whine)

I have a Blackberry Pearl, and when I got this phone in May I fell in love with it. My first smartphone – emails being answered from swimming lessons! It was amazing.

But now that I actually do substantive work (and facebooking and twittering and texting) from this thing, I am craving a phone with a full QWERTY keyboard and a bigger screen.

I called Verizon today and asked what I needed to do to be allowed to get a new phone even though I’m only 6 months into my contract. Basically, I need to pretend to lose my phone and sign up for the phone I want at the one-year contract (ridiculously high) rate. Waaaaaaaaaa!

Then, miracle of miracles, my new twitter friend @mommycoddle says she’s giving away (giving away!!!!) a Palm Centro, and all I have to do is plug the giveaway on my blog in order to be entered. Well, shoot! I can do that. So, here I am, blatantly plugging the drawing (and of course thereby actually decreasing my chances of winning by encouraging all of my equally deserving readers to enter), hoping that all of my problems will be solved so not only will I be able to answer client emails while on the toilet, but to be able to do it with an actual key for each letter. WOOO HOO!!!!!!

So, (grudgingly) here’s the link for the drawing

If I win, then I will reward all of you for putting up with this blatant self-serving plug by giving away something really cool from my closet, and it will be an authentic designer SOMETHING…….


4 responses to “I Waaaaant a New Phone (whine, whine)

  1. Did they give you an option of adding a line to your existing account? When my phone went crazy a while ago the salesman suggested adding a line to get the new phone at discount. See if this would work for you as well.

  2. Ashlee, I always knew you were bright. Now you’re brilliant!!! If I don’t win the new phone, I am totally trying this! Thanks!

  3. If I could give an award for best blog contest-plugging entry, then you’d definitely win!! 🙂

    good luck!!

  4. Molly – that makes my whole day. Now I can succumb to the exhaustion and go to sleep because you liked my entry : ) That’s almost as good as having the new phone!

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