A Better Me – Today

I resolve to stop talking about how busy I am. Everyone is busy. People have different thresholds for what they are able to handle. My “busy-ness” is no more important than anyone else’s “busy-ness.”

I am going to stop thinking about all of the terrible things that can happen at every moment.

I am proud of myself for today’s small victories:

I made no money today, but I tickled my 2 yo with kisses, painted humongous cutouts of Princess Ariel with my 4 yo, went for a walk, enjoyed my blown-out hair instead of swearing about the 3 hours it took to get it that way, was nice and sweet and fun every time Husband Extraordinnaire called (it’s not his fault I spent too much time twittering and not enough time editing personal statements).

And I’m wearing my Gucci Heels for the first time.

I’m going to my non-profit board meeting and will refuse to be superstitious about the 2 hour drive home at midnight. I will instead enjoy the company of dynamic, brilliant women who work full time doing what I do as a hobby (volunteer work for an issue I’m incredibly passionate about).

I’m leaving for my meeting, and I will not feel guilty because my children are laughing and happy and healthy and enjoying being children. (Even children who refused to take naps and singing at the top of their lungs “I hate your tushy”).

I am going to enjoy December. Tremendously. Life is good. And if life isn’t good for someone else, I’m going to help make it better.


6 responses to “A Better Me – Today

  1. Sounds like a damn good day to me and a great outlook on all that life throws us!

    BTW – I need to find a spot for your site on my inspiration lounge! 🙂

    And I stumbled you!

  2. Thanks, Misty!

  3. Ann, I’m not a mommy but I feel like we have a lot in common. Your positive attitude and witty humor is familiar 🙂 I think I’ve found a blog worth coming back to time and time again.

    Jennifer Goodwin

  4. i think that is a great resolution for everyone! it makes me crazy when my classmates talk about how busy they are- hello- we are all busy! so we need to highlight the positive….

  5. shoegazesessions

    Your optimism is infectious! I agree, when things become so demanding sometimes we need to stop. Just stop. Thanks for pointing that out, I think I needed someone to say that to my brain. Take care now 🙂

  6. Sounds like the perfect day. I have decided to schedule an evening with hubby and and evening with the kiddos in my schedule next year and I can’t wait.

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