Advice for My Daughter: 3 Tips to Terrific Toddlerhood

My baby is turning two tomorrow.

The transition from babyhood to little girl begins already, as she swirls in her dresses beaming from under her baby hair bangs, announcing “Pretty Princess!”

Tomorrow she will blow out a Dora candle. She’s been practicing. She knows the drill.

A year ago, we celebrated the arrival of her first tooth. She still crawled to get around.

Today, she cries only if you turn off Dora or Diego or take away her pacifier. She pretends to roller skate and she asks for everyone by name. Her sentences include “Mommy, I want Diego” and  “I want brush teeth.”

Two is  big birthday. Seriously.  This will be an eventful year for her. If you don’t believe me, just think about her plans for the next month: Birthday party, Mom and Dad leave for 2 nights and Grandma will be in charge, Mom and Dad return and then other set of Grandparents moves in for 2 weeks, Hanukkah and the accompanying festivities, saying goodbye to her beloved au pair, visiting Palm Springs, and – (bugle horn here) starting preschool.

Therefore, Nicole, I want to give you some advice for your third year of life on this amazing but fairly scary planet:

1. Do not change at all. Look at life exactly as you do now. Be happy to see everybody. Clap your hands to music. Wiggle and say “Wiggle,Wiggle” as you do it. Think of yourself as a pretty princess. Continue to amaze everyone by identifying letters and counting to ten (in Russian and in Spanish in addition to English) and then be visibly proud of your accomplishment. Love books, and enthusiastically point out everything that you see. Be empathetic to others when they are hurt.  Ask for band-aids to cover up their boo-boos. Give kisses whenever requested to do so.

2. You are a nice, sweet and happy girl. Stay that way, but not to the point of allowing anyone to take advantage of you. Speak up for yourself if someone takes something you found first. Cultivate a sense of justice – you are, after all, the child of two lawyers.

3. Make lots of friends, not just one friend. Make sure some of them are boys before it’s too late and the chance is lost forever. Play with their puzzles and trucks and pulled-off spider legs. Don’t get so into the Disney Princesses just because other girls are; dressing up is overrated.

Actually, my dear sweet girl, this is good advice for mommy as well. After all, I never did really learn to play well with others.

I love you, Miss Nicole.


3 responses to “Advice for My Daughter: 3 Tips to Terrific Toddlerhood

  1. What a great post! Thank you for this!
    Awesome and soooo true!

  2. i love you too, miss nicole! 🙂

  3. Aww, great advice. It looks like our daughters have the same birthday, one year apart. Happy Birthday to her! 🙂

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