Today’s Tip: Forgive Yourself for Making Mistakes

My shortfall is a complete lack of common sense. I graduated at the top of my law school class, run a quarter of a million dollar a year business, raise two kids, manage a household, and chair a non profit board – all without an ounce of common sense.

You don’t believe me?

Here’s how Friday went:

1. So excited about my trip with hubby, we’re driving to the Burbank airport (2 hours away in Friday afternoon traffic). I’m enjoying our conversation – we’re talking about the economy. No one is interrupting us. No Backyardigans soundtrack is blasting from the backseat. All of the sudden, “@#&*%(!!!!!”

I forgot the tickets. Remember paper airplane tickets? Our vacation package on Southwest airlines included the mandatory use of paper tickets. You know, the paper tickets I left sitting on my desk back in Santa Barbara?

Of course, Husband Extraordinnaire has this way of looking absolutely blank rather than furious or losing his temper. I pick up the phone, call the airline, am told to call the travel booking company, who then tells me to buy new tickets at the airport, and I call back and someone is nice enough to tell me how to get a refund for the unused tickets. Problem solved.

2. Our plane lands in Oakland and I am greeted by a text message from the au pair. I actually forgot to pay her before I left. I feel terribly, imaging the au pair starving in Los Angeles because her cruel host mom neglected to pay her meager wages. I immediately call my mother in law and take her step by step through the online transfer process at Bank of America.

3. As I was putting on my scarf before departing the airplane, my earring (the only pair I own – a birthday gift from my husband) flew off. I found it, but we were the last ones off the plane.

These things are not typical for me. Yes, I often do things that lack common sense, but these were really out there. However, I am proud of myself for how I handled each situation. I remained calm, took action, and then moved on with my day. I refused to let the frustration follow me. And this also gave me the strength to keep my mouth shut when the restaurant my husband refused to make reservations for (despite his unfaltering desire to eat there) turned out to be closed for a private party – after we walked 45 minutes to get there.

His patience with me during my whole airplane ticket screw up was paid back tenfold when I refrained from the oh-so-tempting, “I told you to make reservations….”

We ended up having a fabulous dinner somewhere else and went to Restaurant #1 the second night of our getaway.

So, the Make More, Be More, Do More tip for today is:

Forgive yourself for little screw-ups, and forgive others for theirs.

(A good lesson for marriage, but also for business).


4 responses to “Today’s Tip: Forgive Yourself for Making Mistakes

  1. This is a great post. It makes the rest of us feel more human as our mistakes happen, too. And they do, regularly, at least for me.
    Glad that you had a good time.
    My saying, “Everything always works out, just not always the way that you planned.”

  2. Great post. Thank god you found your earring. The whole post seems like a scene right out of Saturday Night Live.
    I’m sure you can look back at it all and laugh.

  3. omg i know. i’m always doing dumb stuff and somehow i still get everything done which always amazes me considering my utter lack of sense when it comes to organization. can you believe i have never lost the passport you helped me get almost 10 years ago?

  4. Which is worse? Forgetting your paper tix or your i.d.? Can you guess which one I did?

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