Finding Your First Step to Fitness

I go through spurts of working out – a few months at 2 days a week of boot camp, a few months spinning twice a week, a few months jogging, a couple months where it’s a miracle if I take time for a 20 minute walk a few times a week. I’ve been in this rut for a few months (coincidentally coinciding with my busy season at work).

So, today, I took the first step (literally) to get back into a more demanding workout routine. I ran the stadium steps at our local city college. 35 minutes of a real cardio workout and I was hooked.

The Mom with Money Make More, Be More, Do More Dip for Today: Take Your First Step.

Remember, a small change today, then again tomorrow, then again the day after that, and before too long you’ve developed a habit!

Here are 4 suggestions – find the one that resonates with you and make it your First Step to Fitness:

Body & Soul Challenge

Fighting the Frump

Jump Start Your New Year’s Resolutions with Stroller Strides

Wii Fit Mommies


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