Resolution #2: A Healthier Version of You

Good health encompasses so many aspects of our lives – what we eat, how we exercise, monitoring our health. The abundance of things to contemplate in this regard often overwhelms. However, it’s impossible to think about New Year’s Resolutions without considering making ourselves healthier. Here are some ideas:

1. What You Eat: This past year, thanks to reading “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle” byBarbara Kingsolver, I completely changed the way I eat and shop. By eating local, organic produce I am feeding myself and my family healthier foods while helping farmers working to sustain the planet.

2. How You Eat: If one of your goals includes losing weight this year, here are some New Year’s Exercise Tips.

3. How You Spend Your Time: Instead of meeting a friend for lunch or coffee, how about a walk or hike?  Instead of spending an hour a day twittering, how about limiting it to 30 minutes and doing some sit ups and push ups? (Ahem, ahem – talking to myself here).

4. What You Read: Put away People magazine and pick up SELF or Fitness instead. Make fitness and health a culture that surrounds you – the magazine in the bathroom, the book on your nightstand-inspire yourself.

5. How You Punish Yourself: Deprivation doesn’t work. I absolutely must have a dark chocolate fix two or three times a day. That’s not the right thing for me to swear off on my quest for better health. But I can restrict cheese (I eat a lot of cheese and I don’t really need to) and sour cream and would save myself a lot of calories and fat as a result.

Remember – as you work to embrace better health in the New Year, don’t try to change everything about how you eat and exercise. Small changes are best. Start with one thing, you’ll see you don’t miss it -like soda, I haven’t had a soda in years- and then it’s not so hard to cut the next thing. One small change at a time.


2 responses to “Resolution #2: A Healthier Version of You

  1. Saw some great motivation and resolutions at by following@kellyolexa

  2. Thanks so much for the mention girl!! Have a great Sunday!! 😉

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